How To Talk To Ladies Online (That You Want To Bang)


I have had so much success with online dating, and it all starts with chatting with her first and building up to that first date. It doesn’t need to be an intimidating task, just be yourself and have fun with her. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be past the “online” part of dating and taking her out on a real date and seeing where things go. Keep in mind that I’ve successfully hooked up with over 50+ ladies using this website and it’s a combination of my perseverance as well as my charm that makes it easy to meet girls for sex. Without wasting any precious time, let me get right into things here…

How To Talk To Ladies Online

Here’s How To Talk To Ladies On The Web That You Want To Smash

Make no mistake about it, I’ve smashed more girls than Paul D and The Situation combined. I get mine and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the fact that I’m sharing my knowledge. Take a peek below for the real deal Holyfield when it comes to chatting it up with the ladies online.

The first thing to remember is that it is OK to push the envelope. If you are boring and dull, she won’t remember you. She is probably talking to many guys – men far outnumber women online, so they can choose to be selective and still get a lot of messages – so you need to make yourself memorable. Keep it light-hearted, but it’s OK to be playful and tease her a bit. Keep it all in good taste, of course. If you are saying something that may be taken the wrong way, go ahead and use an emoticon at the end and let her know that you’re just joking around.

If you build up the playful, witty, joking side of you, you will find out if she has the same kind of personality and enjoys the flirtatious back and forth banter. Also, by being light-hearted with everything, if you do perhaps mistakenly say something that is a little out of bounds for her, she’ll be more likely to just tell you to ease up as opposed to just ending the conversation entirely.

Another thing to remember is to not spend too much time talking about yourself, giving her your whole life story. She doesn’t care to hear about these things right now, other than the basic details, and will just confuse them with other guys she is talking to. Save that kind of stuff for when you meet in person when you know she really does have an interest in getting to know you. Under no circumstances are you allowed to tell her how big your package is or how many girls you’ve smashed over the course of many years. That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask her out on a date. I don’t mean within the first hour or first day talking to her, but if after a few days of continuous back and forth you haven’t asked her out, she’s going to wonder if you have the balls to ever do it. Develop a good rapport with her, see that she’s interested in the conversation, and ask if she’d like to take it to the next level and meet in person. Assuming she says yes to meeting in person, I want you to take things to the next level and get ready for some hookup fun. By that, I mean that you’ve gotta be ready to have sex on your date. After all, these ladies want dick pretty badly, they just aren’t going to come out and say it.