Gym Openers To Help You Connect With Women


Working out at the gym is one of my best-kept secrets. In fact, there’s so much that this does for me and my love life. While I typically don’t meet someone that wants a long term relationship, I do meet people that simply like to chat. Yes, the chatting often leads to a date¬†and even further, sometimes sex. If you’re not going to the gym then you are doing your body and mind an injustice. Anyway, here are some of what I refer to as “gym openers” that I use to break the ice with girls I meet at the gym.

gym openers and ice breakers

Gym Openers And Ice Breakers That Work

Here are some of the most basic gym openers that you can give a shot if you’re at the gym and spot a hottie. I’m not saying they all work great, but they do typically work quite well. Try each of these out with different girls that you encounter during your workouts. Don’t use them all in one day either.

“Do you take any pre workouts?” Ask them something about a pre-workout drink. Some girls use them and others don’t. The ones that do use them love talking about them.

“What’s the best exercise for toning [insert body part]?” Ask the girls what they think is the best body part and I think they will love hearing that question from you. Reason being, it’s almost as if you’re putting them at a higher status and they love feeling “more adequate” than the typical man.

“Can you show me how this works?” Do not be afraid to ask one of the girls if they can show you how a machine works. If you’ve seen them on it just ask them for help. That’s a great way to connect with some girl and she her sweat it out too.

All in all, I’ve had a ton of success meeting girls at the gym that like to have sex randomly with men. I connect with them online once I’m at the gym and things just work out from there on out! Don’t be afraid to talk to girls at the gym, just don’t tell them they are super hot or anything of that nature. Taking that approach isn’t going to get you anywhere at all!