How I Prepare For Weekend Date Hookups


Even though I’m somewhat spontaneous, I’m a firm believer of being prepared for things, even the inevitable of having multiple date hookups with someone every weekend since I know the right site to use to find some. Here’s how I prepare for a typical weekend of hooking up.

weekend date hookups

It’s not incredibly difficult to prepare for the weekend, but I take the same approach every Thursday or Friday to prep of the weekend. Here’s my usual approach which boosts my date hookup chances tenfold.

1) Start Chatting on Hump Day

I don’t wait until the last minute to start conversations with women. Instead, I start chatting with women on UberHorny no later than Wednesday. I don’t send out one or two messages either. Instead, I prefer to hedge my bets and contact 5 – 10 people to start a conversation with them. Doing this on hump day versus Friday allows my potential partner to plan for things as well. Doing so gives me time to really get to know a girl through chat and messaging. In the event that I find something I don’t like, I move on to another person and I’m not stuck alone with my D in my hand on a Friday or Saturday night.

2) Eat Healthy During The Week 

In order to prep for some crazy weekend activity, I try my best to stay healthy and focused during the week. That means eating healthy and watching what I ingest. I do this to help stay in shape to bring a good physique to the table come the weekend. It also allows me to not feel bad when I’m getting drunk or eating unhealthy for a few days. Women like men in shape and a good healthy body will get you laid.

3) Groom

I always prepare myself for a weekend of banging by getting a haircut and shaving. Since I tend to date women I meet online, I like to look as best as possible when I do meet them in person. It’s a way for me to show the value they’re getting just by showing up. I know it sounds cheesy and self-centered, but it’s a sales tactic that I learned over the years. Since this is a one night stand or quick hookup, it’s important to put your best foot forward to look and play the part.

4) Stock Up on the Essentials

I always make it a point to stock up on a few things before the weekend. I buy basic semi-healthy snack foods, beer, wine, vodka and an assortment condoms. Doing this midweek allows me to not have to run around last minute or worry about forgetting any of the essentials that could possibly increase my chances of getting laid. I like to drink martini’s and I know some women may not want to have sex without protection so I prepare it all! LOL

5) Tidy Up

Okay, so this is an important one that I must stress. It’s extremely important to clean up your apartment or house to make sure it’s not a disaster zone. No one likes a messy living space. It makes you look bad as a person and somewhat unhygienic even. I always keep my place clean as can be and make sure it’s as clean as possible before I go out. I don’t want to bring a girl back to my place and have her disgusted with it being messy, ruining my chances altogether.

These five steps are really simple and if you can’t handle these basics then I think we have another problem. I promise you that taking these basic steps in hookup preparation will make your dating life a lot easier.