Many Signs A Girl Might Be Into You


Have you been spending time talking to ladies on the Internet? Perhaps you’re meeting up with girls at local hot spots to connect with them. Many guys struggle with trying to figure out if a girl likes them or not. It’s much easier than you think and there are quite a few signs that will give you an indication that she is attracted to you. Some signs are involuntary and some are purposeful. Here is a list of the most obvious signs that a girl is into you.

Signs She Is Into You

Simple Signs She Might Be Into You

Here are some of the most basic signs that you might want to be on the lookout for and why. There are plenty of things that you should be on the lookout for and I’m sure that if you keep your eyes open, you will be able to pick up some of the signs that I’m going to share with you today.

Looks You in the Eye: She makes a point to look you in the eye and smile. Also, she will have an involuntary reaction of enlarged pupils which is a common and scientific sign of attraction.

Plays with or Fixes Her Hair: Women who are attracted to you, even strangers, will look at you and start either twirling their hair or fixing it to make sure she looks her best when she gets your attention.

Her Face Lights Up: This can often be an involuntary reaction. Every time she sees you, her face lifts and she has sort of a glow. Her entire face smiles at you. When you see it, you’ll know what I mean.

She Moves in Closer: She looks for any reason to move closer to you. If a girl is attracted to you, she feels the need to be near you and exhibits signs of wanting you to become aroused by her closeness.

Eagerness to Talk: She shows a clear excitement at the notion of talking to you and she will often initiate a conversation or make an effort to expand on something you are talking about.

She Bites Her Lip: This one is one of the most obvious and shows that she is about ready to jump your bones. If you make eye contact and she bites her bottom lip, you are as good as in.

She Gets the Jimmy Legs: This is another involuntary reaction. If she sees you or you get near her and she begins crossing and uncrossing her legs, she is becoming aroused by your presence.

She Laughs at Your Jokes: She is very receptive to your sense of humor and she laughs at almost everything you say. This shows that she’s endeared by you and wants to make you feel good.

She Touches You: This is an advanced sign of attraction. If a girl becomes overwhelmingly attracted to you, she will start looking for excuses to touch your arm or leg or even your face if she’s really turned on.

She Stares at Your Junk: This is another obvious sign of attraction. You might be surprised at the number of girls who can’t help but stare at your junk. They sometimes even begin with eye contact and their eyes slowly move down to your junk.

Her Friends Treat You Like a Star: If a girl is attracted to you, she will talk about you a lot with her friends. This will cause them to treat you like they know you and they have heard a lot about you from her.

Well, now that you’ve been exposed to a number of things to be on the lookout for, you can easily keep your eyes and ears open for things. In the meantime, you can connect with local horny women using an online dating website or two.

Advice That Will Improve Your Dating Life (For Sure)


I typically don’t just come out swinging with five random pieces of advice. However, I’m doing just that today. I want to share five very important pieces of advice that may in fact have an impact on your sex life in general. I’ll be sure to share everything quickly and clearly. If you want to change your sex life then keep reading, that’s all I’ve got to say really. Take it from a guy that meets horny women on a daily basis. Sex never gets boring and it’s extremely important to spice things up from time to time if you want to achieve the impossible when it comes to banging. Just pay close attention and you’ll have an idea of why I get so many booty calls on a weekly basis regardless of what city I’m visiting.

dating life tips

Five Things That Will Change Your Dating Life

If you are looking to change or revolutionize your sex life, you might want to try following some of the important things I’ve stated below…

Say Hi To The Girl

Some people believe that it’s best to not look too desperate when it comes to meeting a girl that you like. They also suggest that you not make eye contact but I think they are all full of shit. If you like a girl then show her that you care. I’m not talking about being sentimental, I’m talking about letting her know you’re DTF or down to fuck (like most of the college students I know). Even though it might seem that you are giving a girl enough of a sign to let her know you’re attracted to her, there’s a chance that you aren’t. Don’t blow your chance by acting shy. Grab your balls and tell a girl that you find her sexy and attractive. Let her know you’re down to bang. According to dating expert Hayley Quinn, women always like being approached, so make sure you approach her. Jump start a mutual connection between you two if you haven’t done so via online messaging already.

Contact Her

If you like a girl and your date went well, then do yourself a favor and contact her. You can contact her the very next day. Sure some people think that’s overkill but I disagree. You like getting pussy, right? Then why not try and get some more? If you like the girl, just text her and say hi. It will only be good for your casual sex relationship if that’s what you’re trying to establish. When you message or text her, she’ll either text you back or she’s going to dodge the text. Those are the only two choices. Don’t be scared of either one.

Use Pickup Lines

Contrary to popular belief that says pickup lines are out of date, they aren’t. If you want to attract a girl and hopefully have sex with her, try to approach her with a couple pick up lines that work. Pick up lines are not cheesy. They are effective and simply get you laid more than most think. The pickup lines you use do matter. You’ll need to feel the girls out to determine which are best for you to try and use. If she seems a bit dirty, then go for the wild lines or more sexual ones.

Act Eager

Eager people get what they want, no matter what that might be. If you want to find someone to fuck then you need to act eager about it. Be enthusiastic about meeting up with people and taking them on dates. The idea here is that you end up showing some women that you’re willing to put forth the effort to get in their pants and in return you get pussy!

Drink Buying

Some people believe that you should not let your date or any women buy their own drinks. I’m not so sure if I agree with that notion. Bekka Bowling, a renowned comedian says that guys can always ask a girl if she wants a drink but that might not be the best approach. Some girls like to buy their own drinks to look independent and they say you money by doing so. My advice to you would be to let any woman that you’re trying to fuck buy her own beverage. If she accepts your libation then wonderful, but if not, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want the D. That said, keep on trying to bang her!

If you’re trying to meet women using the Uberhorny dating app or site then you need to try and apply some of the advice that I’ve mentioned above. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be happy that you did!

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You


The mind of a female is pretty hard to understand. Her emotions and how she reacts towards a man she likes is quite different from how she reacts towards the average guy.  Unlike us, women don’t just think about eating, sleeping and having sex. They have a whole different way of doing things and their emotions are what give away their thoughts. Sometimes it’s important to be able to tell if a girl likes you or not. Since the rise of social media and mobile phone applications, how men and women react and flirt has changed a lot. If a woman or girl is into you, she’s eventually going to start showing you signs. It is then up to you to fine-tune your skills so that you can easily catch on to those signs. You must then do something about it!

how to tell if a girl likes you

Here’s How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Here’s how you can learn to pick up on the positive signals of a woman and determine whether she’s into you or not.

She laughs a lot
Whether you are talking using a dating app, via text, on the phone or face to face, if a girl is into you, she’s going to laugh a lot. Just tell her any joke or say something silly and see how she reacts. She’s trying to tell you that she is enjoying communicating with you a lot and loves your company.

Another thing she may do is show you that she is really interested in whatever you say to her. Watch her attention towards you. If she is paying close attention to whatever you are saying, there is a huge chance she digs you secretly. Why else would she want to put in the effort of having a conversation with you. It’s not because you’re cool. It’s because she’s either into you or she’s not!

She’ll post stuff that will interest you on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook
When a girl likes a guy, she will deliberately post stuff that might interest you. And she’ll possibly even tag you. For example, if you play video games and you know that your crush has no interest in video games but she still posts an update about something interests you and then tags you in it. It probably means she’s trying to catch your attention and that she’s into you.

She starts the conversation
One of the biggest hints that she’s into you comes in the form if she keeps on starting a conversation with you on random topic. For example, if she texts you telling you something silly happened to her at work or in class, she probably likes you and wants to talk to you. She may even want to fuck you!

She asks you to accompany her
This is a huge sign especially if she asks you to accompany her on a concert/movie/theater or any other activity. This means she wants to go out with you and probably likes you. At this point, you should do whatever it is that you need to do in order to try and get her to want to have sex with you. Try and turn her on at the event that you accompany her without being too much of a sleaze.

How I Prepare For Weekend Date Hookups


Even though I’m somewhat spontaneous, I’m a firm believer of being prepared for things, even the inevitable of having multiple date hookups with someone every weekend since I know the right site to use to find some. Here’s how I prepare for a typical weekend of hooking up.

weekend date hookups

It’s not incredibly difficult to prepare for the weekend, but I take the same approach every Thursday or Friday to prep of the weekend. Here’s my usual approach which boosts my date hookup chances tenfold.

1) Start Chatting on Hump Day

I don’t wait until the last minute to start conversations with women. Instead, I start chatting with women on UberHorny no later than Wednesday. I don’t send out one or two messages either. Instead, I prefer to hedge my bets and contact 5 – 10 people to start a conversation with them. Doing this on hump day versus Friday allows my potential partner to plan for things as well. Doing so gives me time to really get to know a girl through chat and messaging. In the event that I find something I don’t like, I move on to another person and I’m not stuck alone with my D in my hand on a Friday or Saturday night.

2) Eat Healthy During The Week 

In order to prep for some crazy weekend activity, I try my best to stay healthy and focused during the week. That means eating healthy and watching what I ingest. I do this to help stay in shape to bring a good physique to the table come the weekend. It also allows me to not feel bad when I’m getting drunk or eating unhealthy for a few days. Women like men in shape and a good healthy body will get you laid.

3) Groom

I always prepare myself for a weekend of banging by getting a haircut and shaving. Since I tend to date women I meet online, I like to look as best as possible when I do meet them in person. It’s a way for me to show the value they’re getting just by showing up. I know it sounds cheesy and self-centered, but it’s a sales tactic that I learned over the years. Since this is a one night stand or quick hookup, it’s important to put your best foot forward to look and play the part.

4) Stock Up on the Essentials

I always make it a point to stock up on a few things before the weekend. I buy basic semi-healthy snack foods, beer, wine, vodka and an assortment condoms. Doing this midweek allows me to not have to run around last minute or worry about forgetting any of the essentials that could possibly increase my chances of getting laid. I like to drink martini’s and I know some women may not want to have sex without protection so I prepare it all! LOL

5) Tidy Up

Okay, so this is an important one that I must stress. It’s extremely important to clean up your apartment or house to make sure it’s not a disaster zone. No one likes a messy living space. It makes you look bad as a person and somewhat unhygienic even. I always keep my place clean as can be and make sure it’s as clean as possible before I go out. I don’t want to bring a girl back to my place and have her disgusted with it being messy, ruining my chances altogether.

These five steps are really simple and if you can’t handle these basics then I think we have another problem. I promise you that taking these basic steps in hookup preparation will make your dating life a lot easier.