How To Tell If A Girl Likes You


The mind of a female is pretty hard to understand. Her emotions and how she reacts towards a man she likes is quite different from how she reacts towards the average guy.  Unlike us, women don’t just think about eating, sleeping and having sex. They have a whole different way of doing things and their emotions are what give away their thoughts. Sometimes it’s important to be able to tell if a girl likes you or not. Since the rise of social media and mobile phone applications, how men and women react and flirt has changed a lot. If a woman or girl is into you, she’s eventually going to start showing you signs. It is then up to you to fine-tune your skills so that you can easily catch on to those signs. You must then do something about it!

how to tell if a girl likes you

Here’s How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Here’s how you can learn to pick up on the positive signals of a woman and determine whether she’s into you or not.

She laughs a lot
Whether you are talking using a dating app, via text, on the phone or face to face, if a girl is into you, she’s going to laugh a lot. Just tell her any joke or say something silly and see how she reacts. She’s trying to tell you that she is enjoying communicating with you a lot and loves your company.

Another thing she may do is show you that she is really interested in whatever you say to her. Watch her attention towards you. If she is paying close attention to whatever you are saying, there is a huge chance she digs you secretly. Why else would she want to put in the effort of having a conversation with you. It’s not because you’re cool. It’s because she’s either into you or she’s not!

She’ll post stuff that will interest you on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook
When a girl likes a guy, she will deliberately post stuff that might interest you. And she’ll possibly even tag you. For example, if you play video games and you know that your crush has no interest in video games but she still posts an update about something interests you and then tags you in it. It probably means she’s trying to catch your attention and that she’s into you.

She starts the conversation
One of the biggest hints that she’s into you comes in the form if she keeps on starting a conversation with you on random topic. For example, if she texts you telling you something silly happened to her at work or in class, she probably likes you and wants to talk to you. She may even want to fuck you!

She asks you to accompany her
This is a huge sign especially if she asks you to accompany her on a concert/movie/theater or any other activity. This means she wants to go out with you and probably likes you. At this point, you should do whatever it is that you need to do in order to try and get her to want to have sex with you. Try and turn her on at the event that you accompany her without being too much of a sleaze.