Why Spring Break Is Perfect For Dating


March is right around the corner and if you don’t know what that means, it means that spring break is almost here and things are going to start getting pretty crazy! If you’re not trying to meet someone that’s DTF during spring break then you’re nuts! It’s the perfect time for dating.

spring break dating

Reasons Why Spring Break Is Dating Time

It’s A Hookup Goldmine
Okay, so if you’ve never been on any spring break trips with your friends then you’re missing out. It’s a known fact that spring break is considered to be a hookup goldmine. In fact, it’s probably one of the most sought after times that people actually want to fuck without a care in the world.

Girls Are Drunk
That’s right! Girls get drunk on spring break and that makes things that much more interesting. Kegs, shots, party balls and all that jazz. Next thing you know, you meet a girl on a dating app and you went from taking shots to banging her. It’s classic! Just make sure you don’t do anything stupid while you’re drunk. Worst case, you won’t have to use any typical PUA one liners, at least, to spark things up. The booze does that for you.

Time To Try Something New
College students love trying new shit. Dating someone online might be something new for someone out there and maybe even hooking up with some random is too. Whatever. You get the picture I think, right?

Everyone’s Traveling
During my spring break phase, I slightly remember traveling to nice exotic locations with friends to get drunk and high. When you’re traveling, there’s a good chance you’re going to meet people that you’ll never ever see again in your lifetime. Use that to your advantage.

Half Naked Already
If you’re on a trip to some crazy beach in Florida or if you’re lucky maybe Cancun, then you’re already surrounded by girls that are half naked. Now is the time to get them naked, not when they are fully dressed. Hit the water and fuck a girl. You only live once!

Good luck on your spring break adventures!