Hooking Up With College Girls On Thanksgiving Break


If you’re a college student, then you know just how incredible college really is but, what’s even more fun, is coming home from college! I can’t tell you how bad I would love to be a college student again coming home for that Thanksgiving weekend break.

It is pretty much the “most ideal” time to hook up with some hot college girls that have gone off and had their way with random dudes at school. Chances are the girls are back in town and they’re wanting to floss their bedroom skills.

Yes, you heard that right! They’ve got skills in the bedroom and they want YOU to see what they can do.

I’ve been able to “seal the deal” in the past with these horny college girls and I’ve helped quite a few people do the same lately. If you’re interested in meeting these girls, getting lucky and possibly banging a few horny college hotties then you need to keep reading.

But first, let me tell you why this works…

1. These girls get a bit of an attitude when they leave and they think they’re awesome. Let them think that, it works to your advantage.

2. They experiment and some go from innocent to slutty in a matter of months. That’s great news for you because now they are “loose” and willing to bang.

3. Many of the girls tend to drink more and be more experimental. This is something that I love about these college newbies. They are not afraid to do new things, including multiple sex partners at once.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here’s what you need to remember if you want to hookup with returning college girls this Thanksgiving holiday week.

Thanksgiving Sex Tips

Thanksgiving Sex Tips For Casual Fun

These are the exact steps that I take when I want to meet and bang some naughty local college girl in my hometown.

Log In Before Anything

First thing is first, get logged into Uberhorny. You’ll want to log into both Uberhorny and Facebook as well as Instagram. The reason I say all of these social media accounts is because you want to get an idea as to what girls are back in town. Once logged in (and at the beginning of the week) start connecting with girls by messaging them. Send soft touches asking if they’re planning on going out the night before Thanksgiving. This always helps me connect better with people back in town. It’s a reason to connect with them too.

Have A Plan

Once you learn of the girls that are going out, do a cross-reference checking to see if any of them are members of Uberhorny. Assuming that they are, then you are in luck, my friend! This works in your favor because it puts you on the map and sets the tone for the connection. You will want to conveniently message or send them a wink letting them know you see them. Something that kind of softly lets them know that you’re a member of Uberhorny as well.

This means that they are using a sex network to meet and bang, which is a huge plus for you, my friend! Don’t tell anyone about this, but keep communicating through UH instead of any other social platform.

The Night Before Thanksgiving

On the night before Thanksgiving, you’re going to want to be ready to hit the bar early and often. You will also want to make sure that you’re logged into your dating profile so that these people see that you mean business.

The girls will log into the network and see that you’re at the bar and on the hunt for some naughty fun. All this seems like a lot of work but trust me, it’s well worth the time and effort.

Eventually, you’ll end up hooking up with some hot college girl. Most likely, it’s one that’s been gaining experience banging dudes all semester long. You reap the rewards of all that hard work.

Now that’s something to be thankful for buddy!

How To Make Friends In College


Starting your first year at college? I bet you want to make some friends to both hang out with and even have sex with, right? Well, finding new people to befriend at college during your first year can be a very intimidating experience for some. During your first year, you will meet all kinds of people with different interests and hobbies. With so many freshmen entering college the same year as you do, you are bound to find someone who shares the same interests as yours. If you can’t meet them in person, surely you can meet them using an online network like Uberhorny or even Facebook for that matter.

making friends in college

Tips To Making Friends In College

In order to attract people and make new friends without being awkward, here are some tips to take on:

Be Yourself

Being yourself is the first thing you need to master when you enter college. The last thing you want to do is end up being friends with people where you can’t be yourself.

Try not to be friends with people especially where you have to take on a fake persona to keep them interested. Trust me, the real people in college are the ones that get laid the most. The people that are fake as fuck typically end up getting talked about and end up with no friends.

Be Unique

Since everyone of us are essentially unique in our own way, don’t be hesitant in showing your uniqueness to people.

Whether you like playing video games, crushing beers or enjoy watching movies, make sure you are very clear with the people you get in touch with. You are bound to find friends in college that have the interests and the same hobbies as you.

Get Into A Club

One of the biggest places to find new like-minded people in college is by joining clubs. When you enter the college, look for all kinds of clubs and join the one that attracts you the most and allows you to be yourself.

It doesn’t matter if it’s too late for you to join the club, you can join one at any time and still be welcomed because the nature of the club is all about getting social and meeting new people where you can share your interests.

Find An Internship

Many colleges offer students in house jobs to take while they study. Don’t be afraid to take on a simple part time job in your college.

This is also one of the best ways to get in touch with new people because you will be spending a lot of time working with colleagues.

College Facebook Page

Join your college Facebook page as soon as you are in one. Try to be active in the page and be useful to others and you will soon find a lot of people sending you friend requests and you’ll easily make tons of friends.

Horny College Network

Another way to make friends in college is to join a horny college network. No, I’m not talking about Snapchat or anything mainstream. I’m talking about joining a sex network on your campus. This has been the best way for me to meet horny college girls. It’s basically like going on a spring break on campus!

Now that I’ve given you a number of different ways to meet people while in college, you should officially have no problem meeting anyone during your college years.

Why Spring Break Is Perfect For Dating


March is right around the corner and if you don’t know what that means, it means that spring break is almost here and things are going to start getting pretty crazy! If you’re not trying to meet someone that’s DTF during spring break then you’re nuts! It’s the perfect time for dating.

spring break dating

Reasons Why Spring Break Is Dating Time

It’s A Hookup Goldmine
Okay, so if you’ve never been on any spring break trips with your friends then you’re missing out. It’s a known fact that spring break is considered to be a hookup goldmine. In fact, it’s probably one of the most sought after times that people actually want to fuck without a care in the world.

Girls Are Drunk
That’s right! Girls get drunk on spring break and that makes things that much more interesting. Kegs, shots, party balls and all that jazz. Next thing you know, you meet a girl on a dating app and you went from taking shots to banging her. It’s classic! Just make sure you don’t do anything stupid while you’re drunk. Worst case, you won’t have to use any typical PUA one liners, at least, to spark things up. The booze does that for you.

Time To Try Something New
College students love trying new shit. Dating someone online might be something new for someone out there and maybe even hooking up with some random is too. Whatever. You get the picture I think, right?

Everyone’s Traveling
During my spring break phase, I slightly remember traveling to nice exotic locations with friends to get drunk and high. When you’re traveling, there’s a good chance you’re going to meet people that you’ll never ever see again in your lifetime. Use that to your advantage.

Half Naked Already
If you’re on a trip to some crazy beach in Florida or if you’re lucky maybe Cancun, then you’re already surrounded by girls that are half naked. Now is the time to get them naked, not when they are fully dressed. Hit the water and fuck a girl. You only live once!

Good luck on your spring break adventures!