Top Five Best Sex Tips To Keep In Mind This Weekend


If you’re trying to meet up with horny girls this weekend, then I can 100% guarantee that you’re not the only one. In fact, there are lots of people looking to meet and bang this weekend and since it’s Friday, it is time to take action and prosper. These five tips will for sure help you have a better time in bed. However, before I get into the details of the tips, I want you to know that none of this is going to happen unless you take action and connect with someone online fast.

Remember, it’s not hard to meet someone locally to bang, but it takes a bit of work. You’ll need to be a part of the right network to make that happen. Try this one here before all others. Sign up and get things in motion with communicating with locals then continue reading this…

Best Sex Tips For The Weekend

5 Sex Tips That Will Make Your Weekend Better Than Ever

Okay, so if you’re looking to meet up with dirty horny girls in your local area, you’ve got the tools to do so (mentioned above). Now, assuming you meet up with a lucky sex partner and you decide to take them into the bedroom, here are five simple yet important tips that can make you look like a superstar in the sack.

Dirty Talk Time!

If you’re not trying to spice things up by talking dirty in the bedroom and even outside the bedroom, then you’re doing it wrong. Casual sex is all about being spontaneous and free. Let your dirty side out this weekend and see how much your sex partner loves it. Trust me, they will!

Toss A Video On

Perhaps my favorite of all sex tips is this one here! Guess what, men aren’t the only people that get turned on by adult films. Sure enough, there are millions of women out there that love watching porn but they are afraid to tell you. Don’t judge, just take action. Put a porn flick on and she’s bound to go nuts in the bedroom.

Bring Your Toys

Sex toys are a really fun way to make good sex great. I’ve been with some women that go crazy over sex toys. They can take your sexual experience to the next level. Bring in dildos and other electronic toys. Trust me, she’ll love them and rightfully so!

Change Positions

Spice things up and change positions until you find one that you both enjoy. Sex positions can make or break a hookup experience. I personally prefer doggy style over all others but that’s just my personal preference. The pile driver is the bomb too!

Let Her Take Over

Guys, you don’t always have to play the dominant role. Some girls absolutely love taking charge and if you end up spending the night with one of those women, then let them do just that. I can almost guarantee that you’ll have the best sex of your life if you give her the keys and put her in the driver’s seat.

Again, these are just some of the basic sex tips that have helped me prosper with new girls I meet online. Oh, and remember, keep it fun and safe, that’s how everyone wins! Please note, these tips do not apply to those foolishly hiring sex workers. In fact, I’d completely avoid doing quite a few of these things if you’re hiring an escort. A better plan of action would be not to be stupid enough to hire one, just saying.

Now, if you need more tips on how to meet someone, then do yourself a favor and start reading all the blog posts I’ve written over the last few months. I hold nothing back and you’ll love what I’ve shared, trust me.

Hooking Up With College Girls On Thanksgiving Break


If you’re a college student, then you know just how incredible college really is but, what’s even more fun, is coming home from college! I can’t tell you how bad I would love to be a college student again coming home for that Thanksgiving weekend break.

It is pretty much the “most ideal” time to hook up with some hot college girls that have gone off and had their way with random dudes at school. Chances are the girls are back in town and they’re wanting to floss their bedroom skills.

Yes, you heard that right! They’ve got skills in the bedroom and they want YOU to see what they can do.

I’ve been able to “seal the deal” in the past with these horny college girls and I’ve helped quite a few people do the same lately. If you’re interested in meeting these girls, getting lucky and possibly banging a few horny college hotties then you need to keep reading.

But first, let me tell you why this works…

1. These girls get a bit of an attitude when they leave and they think they’re awesome. Let them think that, it works to your advantage.

2. They experiment and some go from innocent to slutty in a matter of months. That’s great news for you because now they are “loose” and willing to bang.

3. Many of the girls tend to drink more and be more experimental. This is something that I love about these college newbies. They are not afraid to do new things, including multiple sex partners at once.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here’s what you need to remember if you want to hookup with returning college girls this Thanksgiving holiday week.

Thanksgiving Sex Tips

Thanksgiving Sex Tips For Casual Fun

These are the exact steps that I take when I want to meet and bang some naughty local college girl in my hometown.

Log In Before Anything

First thing is first, get logged into Uberhorny. You’ll want to log into both Uberhorny and Facebook as well as Instagram. The reason I say all of these social media accounts is because you want to get an idea as to what girls are back in town. Once logged in (and at the beginning of the week) start connecting with girls by messaging them. Send soft touches asking if they’re planning on going out the night before Thanksgiving. This always helps me connect better with people back in town. It’s a reason to connect with them too.

Have A Plan

Once you learn of the girls that are going out, do a cross-reference checking to see if any of them are members of Uberhorny. Assuming that they are, then you are in luck, my friend! This works in your favor because it puts you on the map and sets the tone for the connection. You will want to conveniently message or send them a wink letting them know you see them. Something that kind of softly lets them know that you’re a member of Uberhorny as well.

This means that they are using a sex network to meet and bang, which is a huge plus for you, my friend! Don’t tell anyone about this, but keep communicating through UH instead of any other social platform.

The Night Before Thanksgiving

On the night before Thanksgiving, you’re going to want to be ready to hit the bar early and often. You will also want to make sure that you’re logged into your dating profile so that these people see that you mean business.

The girls will log into the network and see that you’re at the bar and on the hunt for some naughty fun. All this seems like a lot of work but trust me, it’s well worth the time and effort.

Eventually, you’ll end up hooking up with some hot college girl. Most likely, it’s one that’s been gaining experience banging dudes all semester long. You reap the rewards of all that hard work.

Now that’s something to be thankful for buddy!

Simple Tips For Having Better Sex Tonight


I’m going to teach you how to have better sex, plain and simple. If sex hasn’t been that spicy between you and your girlfriend or any of the girls that you’re dating, then it’s time to take things a notch up. You want to experience true bliss while having sex then you need to read this article.

Sex can go wrong between two people for more than one reason. However, it is never too late to realize that there is still plenty you can do to revive your relationship. If you’re looking to have deeper more meaningful sex, then here are a few tips that you can follow! Don’t sleep on these tips.

better sex

Better Sex Tips That Lead To Great Sex

Here are a few tips that will most likely lead to having better sex. I’ve been having the time of my life incorporating these types of sexual activities into my “fun time.”


Using blindfolds during sex is interesting and very pleasurable. Our brain is one of the most important sexual organs that we have. Blindfolding your partner is good for her. It will increase her sensory awareness and it will improve the way you tease each other. Once the blindfolds are off, you’ll realize how good it was because the sex will build up and you’ll see the difference. It can also build up some serious trust between you and some local girl.


Try the teacher-student relationship if you want to have better sex. After you have realized how to please your partner, you should try to take up these roles to have more fun. There is always something that you haven’t tried and this might be one of them.

Have a lesson session with each other where you are at each other’s mercy. One can be the teacher, the other the student. This will bring a lot of new feelings to the relationship and will change the relationship for the better. I love lining up roleplay dates with girls I meet online, especially those that I meet using the Uberhorny dating site. Remember that sex is fun and it becomes better and even more interesting if you two are comfortable with each other in every aspect and manner.

Talk Fantasies

You never really know what sex is if you haven’t talked about fantasies. You should try to talk about your fantasies with your sex partner. Communication is key with your partner and it is an important part of having sex.

If you want to see and assess what all happens around when you are in bed, and if you are looking to have some fun, it is better to tell each other what you would like to happen in bed so each has a good idea and can practice that. You can practice good sex with one another if you are sure and clear of your fantasies. If one of you doesn’t know what the other likes, what is the point of having sex at all?

If you want to see and assess what happens when you are in bed, and if you are looking to have some fun, it’s better to tell each other what you want. You do this so that each of you has a good idea and can practice playing out various roles in each of the fantasies. You can practice having great sex with one another if you are sure and clear of your fantasies. If one of you don’t know what the other likes, what is the point of having sex at all? At least that’s the way that I like to look at things.

Talk Dirty

Talk dirty to each other while you are having sex. I love doing this when I’m fucking some girl I just met. It’s pretty common for any NSA relationship to involve dirty talk time. Talking dirty turns a lot of people on and it will continue to be this way in the coming future. Talking dirty is, in fact, an art and if it is done badly, it can result in a lot of giggles or even ruin things for good. The idea is to show what you have to offer to each other by talking dirty.

Spice things up today and start incorporating some of the sex tips I have mentioned above! Sex is the name of the game and if you want it to be really fun then you need to make sure you incorporate these things into it. Do it and see what happens.