Top Five Best Sex Tips To Keep In Mind This Weekend


If you’re trying to meet up with horny girls this weekend, then I can 100% guarantee that you’re not the only one. In fact, there are lots of people looking to meet and bang this weekend and since it’s Friday, it is time to take action and prosper. These five tips will for sure help you have a better time in bed. However, before I get into the details of the tips, I want you to know that none of this is going to happen unless you take action and connect with someone online fast.

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Best Sex Tips For The Weekend

5 Sex Tips That Will Make Your Weekend Better Than Ever

Okay, so if you’re looking to meet up with dirty horny girls in your local area, you’ve got the tools to do so (mentioned above). Now, assuming you meet up with a lucky sex partner and you decide to take them into the bedroom, here are five simple yet important tips that can make you look like a superstar in the sack.

Dirty Talk Time!

If you’re not trying to spice things up by talking dirty in the bedroom and even outside the bedroom, then you’re doing it wrong. Casual sex is all about being spontaneous and free. Let your dirty side out this weekend and see how much your sex partner loves it. Trust me, they will!

Toss A Video On

Perhaps my favorite of all sex tips is this one here! Guess what, men aren’t the only people that get turned on by adult films. Sure enough, there are millions of women out there that love watching porn but they are afraid to tell you. Don’t judge, just take action. Put a porn flick on and she’s bound to go nuts in the bedroom.

Bring Your Toys

Sex toys are a really fun way to make good sex great. I’ve been with some women that go crazy over sex toys. They can take your sexual experience to the next level. Bring in dildos and other electronic toys. Trust me, she’ll love them and rightfully so!

Change Positions

Spice things up and change positions until you find one that you both enjoy. Sex positions can make or break a hookup experience. I personally prefer doggy style over all others but that’s just my personal preference. The pile driver is the bomb too!

Let Her Take Over

Guys, you don’t always have to play the dominant role. Some girls absolutely love taking charge and if you end up spending the night with one of those women, then let them do just that. I can almost guarantee that you’ll have the best sex of your life if you give her the keys and put her in the driver’s seat.

Again, these are just some of the basic sex tips that have helped me prosper with new girls I meet online. Oh, and remember, keep it fun and safe, that’s how everyone wins! Please note, these tips do not apply to those foolishly hiring sex workers. In fact, I’d completely avoid doing quite a few of these things if you’re hiring an escort. A better plan of action would be not to be stupid enough to hire one, just saying.

Now, if you need more tips on how to meet someone, then do yourself a favor and start reading all the blog posts I’ve written over the last few months. I hold nothing back and you’ll love what I’ve shared, trust me.