LocalSexFriends.com Review: No Locals, Just Fake Profiles = No Sex


I’m the one that you can count on when it comes to uncovering flaws and breakthroughs with online dating. Having spent the last 8 years doing nothing but testing networks out, I know what to look for and what works. Which is why I find LocalSexFriends so disturbing. To be honest, I cannot simply sit back and all this to happen. My voice must be heard and sharing the information that I have for you today just might help you make better dating decisions.

Full disclosure: You don’t have to do what I say, I’m simply sharing my personal thoughts and opinions on this Local Sex Friends website. That’s all I’m attempting to do here. Do as you wish with the information presented, but if I were you, I certainly wouldn’t go signing up for the services – that’s all I’m saying.

At any rate, here’s the rundown of things and everything that you need to know about this before testing the waters out.

Screenshot of Localsexfriends.com

LocalSexFriends.com Isn’t The Site For You (Here’s Why)

I’ll just come right out and say that this site is not what you want to use. In fact, I have a hard time even sharing information about this site because I just hate it so much. What a colossal scam in my eyes.

This is no different than the thousands of other scam sites (like this swipe dating site)that are all over the web. While checking out Local Sex Friends, it doesn’t take long before it pretty much reveals itself as being incompetent and a complete fraud/scam.

Crappy Design

It’s actually one of the more poorly designed dating scam sites around. You have no ability to check out the features, and they don’t even offer a free account like most dating sites. They ask for your credit card information right up front.

The first attempt at this is to get you to sign up for a subscription. You will quickly find that you are unable to access basically the entire site without setting up an account. They will claim that they need your credit card information to verify your age. This makes absolutely no sense and would never be done by a real business.

Scam Disclosed In Fine Print

The game is given away right there in the fine print. They claim that the site LocalSexFriends is free for life, but they will charge you for four other websites when you hand over your information. These sites will rack up recurring fees that total more than a hundred and fifty dollars.

There’s actually nothing at all free about this site. They just want to charge you as often as possible before you realize you’ve been duped. Since they admit to this in the terms and conditions, there’s no way to get your money back once they get you the first time.

Messages Are A Dead Giveaway

It goes without saying that every other aspect of the site reveals itself to be a fraud. The second you sign up for an account, your inbox will be bombarded with messages from all types of girls, pretending to be real. The fact that you are immediately hit with messages once you sign up should be the first major red flag.

You will receive messages before you even have the chance to put up a picture or set up your profile information. This is a dead giveaway that all of the accounts reaching out to you are bots. There are no real girls here.

Local Sex Friends has ripped the images from across the Internet as a way to convince you they have an actual community. In fact, your chances of meeting a hot girl are basically zilch, nada, zero. There is no one there except bots that will lure you into giving over your financial information.

All Accounts Are Fake

No matter the manner in which you are contacted, you have to remember that none of these accounts are real.  The notion that these accounts are fake is not even hidden in the terms and conditions. The website openly concedes that accounts on the site may not be real and exist for promotional purposes.

They don’t bother to point out that this is every account on the site. Whenever you see these types of red flags you should head far away. There’s nothing this place can give you except a headache and an empty bank account. They make their money scamming innocent people, not by helping with any matchmaking.


It should come as no surprise that this is a total scam and one that will not lead to hooking up ever. Trust me when I say that you’ll end up with no money in your bank account and no girls to bang. In fact, you’ll be left with an urge to smash and that horny feeling will not go away until you finally get down with someone. You can do that here if you wish. Good luck my friend!