Swipefuck Review: Foolish Swipe Dating Scam Of The Year!

There are a couple of things that I like to do throughout my day. One of those things is swiping on my phone and the other is spending time fucking those girls that I swipe right on. You heard that right, my man! It’s the honest truth and I’m sticking to it! Now, one site that leaves a bad taste in my mouth with regards to this is Swipefuck. It’s not what you think it is and one that should be avoided at all times. Mark my words, you do not want to use this site. My review will prove just that, all you have to do is read it!

Swipefuck.com reviews

My Swipefuck Review Tells All

Here’s what you need to know about the Swipefuck.com website and everything I’ve learned since testing the site out…


As more and more people use the internet for their romantic and dating needs, the market for dating site scams has skyrocketed. People who run these sites understand that there is a consumer base that wants to hook up with people for the little hassle, and they try their best to exploit this need. Mirroring themselves after safe and reputable dating sites, places like swipefuck.com use shady business practices to do everything they can to have you hand over your credit card information. While all dating sites scams use a typical playbook, swipefuck.com is one of the worst around.

SwipeFuck Copycat Design

Because it’s so important to lure people into the site, the people who run swipefuck.com have made sure to design a place that is almost identical to your typical dating site. The advertising methods, font, and membership packages are nearly identical to anything you will find on the web. They claim to offer a free trial that will allow you to check out the features of the site. They also try to entice you with a three-day trial that only costs a few bucks.

But this is where the scam begins…

That three-day trial will automatically renew to a forty dollar a monthly recurring fee, which they don’t mention. Likewise, to even sign up for the free trial they will request a credit card verification to prove your age. Any business that requests this is fraudulent and should be avoided.

Swipefuck.com proves this rule because once you hand over your card they automatically sign you up to not just their site, but to two other porn sites, that will rack up over a hundred dollars a month at a recurring rate. If you see business practices like that, it goes without saying that the rest of the site is a fraud.

Fake Photos Are Everywhere

You’ll notice that the site is filled with tons of hot girls with sexy photos. That’s because these pictures have been ripped from all over the internet. These are pictures from social media, amateur porn sites, and cam girl sites. None of these women are really on the site.

That won’t stop the messages from flooding into your inbox though. The moment you sign up, before you even have a chance to upload a picture or fill out your info, you will see that all of the “hot women” are desperate to talk to you. You have to remember that if the pictures are fake, the messages are also fake. They are computer generated and just exist so that you upgrade your package since you can’t interact with any of the messages without a paid membership.

Terms Of Service Scam Revealed

The terms and conditions give away the whole game. Swipefuck.com does this so that they cannot be held accountable for their fraudulent actions. They will openly admit that the “Love Star” profiles on the site are run by paid employees, and only exist for promotional purposes. You will quickly realize that every profile on the site is a Love Star and those are the only ones contacting you. There’s nothing even remotely “real” on this dating website, they will do anything to charge you the most that they can, and you will never meet anyone in real life from it. You should do your best to stay far away.

Conclusion: Swipefuck Is Not A Good Site, Move On Please!

Looking deeper into it, the Swipefuck site is not good at all. You should avoid using this site at all costs. It’s one that simply doesn’t work and will just cost you money in the long run. There will be no sex, no real chatting, no meetups, NOTHING! If you’re looking to swipe and fuck, then you’ve come to the wrong place. The best place to do that is on the Uberhorny dating website, nowhere else.

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