Sex On Third Date Is A Must Or Bust!


Look, there are some instances where you just can’t seal the deal. First and second dates didn’t get you there. You’re hoping to have sex on the third date. I’m going to do my best to help you achieve that and if not, I’ll give you some alternative options.

sex on third date

Have Sex On The Third Date With These Tactics

For starters, sex on the first, second or third date is not impossible. In fact, It happens to me all the time. It really depends on the dating site that I’m using though. Most of the time, when I’m using a site like, I end of getting laid on the first night and sometimes without even paying for dinner. However, on the rare occasion that I can’t seal the deal on either the first date or second date, I do my best to get luck on the third date. Here are a few things that I do to seal the deal.

I’m more vocal
When I’m on a third date and I still haven’t fucked the girl that I’m out with then I’m always more vocal about how sexually attracted I am to her. I do this because I want her to know how much I truly want her. It’s important that she understand that from the beginning of the date and being vocal about it works pretty well.

I Don’t Waste Time
I never waste time on third dates. For example, I always make them at night and with an intimate setting. There’s no sense in wasting more time since you’ve already wasted a couple of night with her that didn’t get your dick inside her.

I Ask Her To Come Back To My Place
If I’m trying to get laid on date three, then I’ll always ask someone to come back to my place. Doing so gets me one step closer to getting them into the bedroom. If she’s not willing to go back to my place then I try and speed the date up as quickly as possible.

I Always Drink
If it’s your third date, then I want both my date and I to get drunk. Why? Well, there’s more of a chance that we will have sex if we’re both wasted.

I Text Before
If I’m going out on a third date and I want to have sex with someone, I’ll send them a sexy or flirty text message a few hours before the date. I want them to know how “into them” I really am and maybe she’ll wear something naughty for me if I do that. I don’t know why I take this approach nor do I know why it works, but it does.

If by chance you cannot seal the deal on the third date and you’re only dating because you want to get laid then you need to cut ties and never call her again. She’s looking for something more serious and all you’re looking for is horny girls that want dick. Get back on that dating site and find another dirty girl to fuck tonight instead!