The Ultimate Christmas Gift: Dick In A Box For Your Fling


If you don’t know who I am, then you probably have no idea about the lifestyle that I live. I’ll have you know that I spend countless hours throughout the day trying to connect with horny local girls. Guess what, even Christmas doesn’t stop me from doing just that! However, I like to bring something special to each and every girl that I meet around Christmas time. I give them a dick in the box for Christmas!

That’s right! I seriously do it and I’m going to tell you all the reasons why right now.

Dick in a box gift

For starters, I’ll tell you that it’s the best damn gift idea ever and that most girls absolutely love receiving this gift. I’ve legit connected with some girls on the Uberhorny mobile app and told them that I had a special big box with a suprise in it and a few of them took the bait!

They ended up coming over my place and I added a few notches to my belt if you know what I mean. Now, you can’t just go around flashing your dick to some stranger asking them to open the box.


If you do you’ll get yourself arrested. There’s an extra special approach that I take in order to successfully connect with these girls. I’ll lay the foundation for you today so you know exactly what needs to be done here.

guy getting arrested

First you must find girls willing to do a gift exchange with you. I typically log into and just message girls asking if they want to do some sort of secret santa swap. I keep the price limit to a low $10.00 or less so they know it’s just for fun.

Once established, I head to the local Walgreens or CVS and purchase a box, wrapping paper and some tape. All you have to do is wrap the box, cut a hole in it big enough for your dick and put your dick in the hole.

When the girl goes to open the box, she’ll be pleasantly surprised to find your dick!

If she’s not overly excited about this gag gift (pun intended) then she’s going to think it’s hilarious at the very least. Which is why you’ll almost get laid gauranteed if you play your cards right.

Yes, it’s by far the ultimate gift to give to some naughty girl in your local area looking to get nasty for the night. If it works for me, it’ll work for you as well. Assuming you can’t find a fling, then reach out to me personally. I’ll help you find someone to have sex with personally!

Before I go, I guess I should share some of history of the “dick in a box” concept. If you’ve never seen Saturday Night Live aka SNL, then you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. There was an episode that took place featuring Justin Timberlake and it was about him giving a box with his junk in it to some girl for Christmas. The skit was the funniest I’d ever seen and that’s what inspired me to do this.

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