FWB World: Finding Friends To Hook Up With


I honestly feel bad for the people that have never ventured into the casual dating world. So many people spend years using strict and uptight mainstream dating sites it’s unreal. They’ve never entered the FWB world and haven’t got a clue what they are missing out on. With the plethora of casual dating apps out there today, it’s almost impossible to not find someone to hook up with.

Now, that being said it’s also that much harder to not get scammed. Truth is, so many companies exist today purely for profit and nothing more. Many simply try to replicate the experience you’re having offline and on the mainstream sites yet they add in a few fake naked profiles to make it raunchy and call it a day. You’ve got to watch out for that.

FWB World dating tips

The good news is, I know exactly what steps to take if you want to meet someone to h hook up with and eventually have that fireworks moment in the bedroom. Depending on what you want will determine the type of apps that you choose to use.

If you’re looking for something serious and long-term, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. You need to hit Match.com or one of those other crappy apps. If you’re purely interested in a one night stand, then I’ve got you covered!

For those of you who are looking for a one night stand or someone just for the night, then keep reading. Also, if you’re looking for someone local that you can become friends with, then you’ll find that below as well.

Dating In The FWB World – How To Find A Partner

Finding someone that you want to have sex with is a whole lot easier than people make it seem.

1. For anyone looking for a sex partner, download the Uberhorny app.

Hooking up as never been easier than it is in 2018. Whether you choose to use the Uberhorny app or the mobile site via your web browser, you’re good to go.

Download it, fill out your profile (keep it real) and take aim at meeting some local hotties looking to make friends with those willing to provide them with benefits.

2. Message people and put in the work, today.

Assuming that you want to make things work, then you want to message locals and make it work for you. For example, sticking your neck out and making the first move is the only tried and true way that I’ve ever been able to get laid fast.

In fact, messaging or doing live chats are perhaps the most effective way to connect emotionally with people to build that chemistry before meeting in person.

3. Some people might not get the whole “Casual” dating thing at first.

You’ve got to be patient when it comes to dating casually online. Some people just don’t get it. They do not understand that it’s not the same as mainstream dating. They can be a bit uptight or inexperienced and you’ve just got to let that go when it happens.

Know that it’s not their fault at all. Instead, take action and make them feel comfortable enough to become your online bang buddy. Eventually, you two will build a strong relationship in the FWB world. But you must be patient.

You need to know that there are other dating apps out there that you can consider for connecting with locals, but many of the competitors fall short of the one that I use. Not to mention, the guarantee that they offer is pretty amazing. Just do whatever it is that works best for you.

And remember, you can always reach out to me anytime for anything at all, especially help with FWB world dating tips. When all else fails, you can always hire Jenna Shea to help you get the job done – if you’ve got the coin to do so!

What Does FWB Mean?


It’s another new perfect day and you know what that means? Another chance to bang some horny local girls. But first, before you start looking for someone to bang, I want to go over what FWB means. I’ve had a few people contact me stating that they’ve recently seen this posted on various dating profiles and they have absolutely no idea what it means. I’ll do my best to clear this up for you right now.

fwb means friends with benefits

Here’s What FWB Means

If you’re not familiar with this, FWB is an acronym for “Friends With Benefits” and it’s quite commonly used in the online dating world today. When you see this acronym or “saying” on a person’s profile then it means that they are looking to make friends with someone that they can have sex with. That’s right, I’m talking about nothing extremely romantic. If anything, they are looking for a friend to fuck. Sounds simple right? Exactly! That’s because it is.

Now, if you yourself are looking for to start an FWB relationship with someone, there are a few things that you need to understand. For starters, it’s not okay to try and turn this relationship into anything stronger. That’s a casual dating no-no. In fact, it might be the biggest online dating mistake that you ever make. If someone just wants to fuck then you just fuck them and that’s it. Do not under any circumstances try and make the relationship more than that. It will only lead to problems if you do.

If you’re interested in getting into an fwb or “friends with benefits” type dating situation then your first step is to join a casual dating site. You’ll want to join one that caters to this type of matchmaking. For example, Uberhorny is a great site to join if you just want to bang because there are so many others on the site that want to do the same.

Next, you need to add the FWB or “friends with benefits” saying to your dating profile. If you have the option to select this type of relationship as a “seeking” status, then you should do so. I’m telling you this because I know it matters, do not join Match.com or eHarmony.com if you’re looking to get into an FWB type of relationship. Doing so will literally set yourself up for failure.