How To Make A Girl Horny


If you’re reading this article, you’re likely aware of my most recommended hookup site, Uberhorny. If not and you just happened to end up here to check out the article, I’d suggest you learn what this website is all about. Now, if you’re interested in learning how to make a girl horny then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got a few secrets up my sleeve that I’ve tested, tried and can attest that each of these actually work. Here are a few tactics that’ll have her horny faster than not.

how to make a girl horny

5 Tips To Help You Make A Girl Horny

Here are a few tips that are proven to make a girl horny, which in turn should help you get laid. Remember, joining a casual dating site to hookup is just the beginning. If she’s not horny, then you’re not getting laid unless you’re paying for it. Simple as that really! I’ll keep these are straight to the point as possible…

1) Don’t Wait For An Invitation

If you want to make a girl horny and take full advantage of what it might yield, then I suggest you not wait for an invitation to do so. That’s because you’re not going to get one probably. You need to start early and try to turn on a girl well before you get her in bed. That’s a fact really! The objective is to get her horny and wet before you even enter the bedroom. That means start trying to do so as early as possible.

2) Be Somewhat Assertive

Most women like a man in control. When you’re with a girl, be sure to act confident and somewhat assertive. That doesn’t mean act like an order giving douchebag. It means, be confident and make her feel safe and that you’ve got things all in control. That’s what most women are looking for with regards to finding a man.

3) Pour Her Red Wine

If you’re out on a date or hanging out at a bar, I’d suggest you order your date a few glasses of red wine. Choosing a cabernet is a great idea. According to the Huffington Post, red wine drinkers have a higher sex drive than others and I believe it has something to do with the antioxidants in the wine. I’ve personally had more fun on dates with women who drink red wine than any other drink. For some reason, it makes them horny enough to want to bang and that’s all I care about really.

4) Incorporate Playfulness and Teasing

Girls love it when a guy acts playful or teases them. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever her a girl giggle and say, “hey, stop that!” This is typically not a call for you to stop but a reaction they give because they enjoy the teasing and playfulness. Don’t go too heavy on this though. If you’re constantly making fun, teasing or probing it can certainly backfire. Remember that women are sensitive and there’s a fine line you don’t want to cross because if you do, you definitely won’t get laid.

5) Make Her Feel Like #1 

The truth to the matter is, you’re dating so that YOU can get laid. But you can’t let her know that. Instead, you’ve got to make her feel like she’s number one. What I mean by that is, you’ve got to focus on keeping her happy, comfortable and satisfied. If you’re out with a girl, make sure you’re focusing on her happiness and what she wants versus yourself. If you’re at her house or yours, make sure you ask what she wants and likes in all aspects of life. That goes for in the bedroom too.

Well, that’s my list and each tip works pretty well if you ask me. I’ve gotten laid on a number of occassions just from applying these tips. Most can even be applied almost effortlessly too. If your plan is to meet a horny girl on a dating website to hookup  then you better know how to make her horny enough to seal the deal.