Essential “To Do’s” For Online Dating Success


I know I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again, there are some things that you need to do if you want to be successful at online dating, especially when looking for a horny one night stand. These are probably tips that you’ve heard before, but I figured┬ásince I’ve made them staples in my dating strategy then it’s only right for me to share them with you as well.

must do dating tips

Must Do’s To Succeed in Casual Internet Dating

Ditch The Mugshot Profile

If you want to scare away every person that you could possibly hook up with then leave your mugshot looking profile picture up and you’ll never get lucky. Now if you want to attract someone that you can possibly bang any night of the week you want, then I’d suggest you spice up your profile pics and make yourself look somewhat interesting or exciting. This is one of the staples when it comes to creating the perfect online dating profile, so you need to start here!

Express Liking Actionable Activities

You must remember to express a liking in actionable activities. Yes, one of them can be having sex, but keep it real and don’t make it too graphic. One thing I’d suggest is adding an activity that is unisex and something she might be interested in partaking in. Don’t make it too physically strenuous because you don’t want to wear out your date too early.

Dare To Be Unusual

be unusual

You must stick out if you want to make an impact online. The usual polo wearing guy that uses the basic, “live in the moment” tagline isn’t getting any booty. Think further outside the box and be as unusual as possible without being too creepy.

Talk About Money

talk about money

Don’t be afraid to talk about money in your profile or conversations with people you’re chatting with. Now, that doesn’t mean I recommend that you tell someone you want to have a one night stand with that you’re worth a million bucks, but don’t be afraid to talk luxury and nice living. After all, some girls are looking to connect with partners that can give them just that.

Check Mark Only What Applies

If you want to avoid having to go through thousands of profiles that may not be attractive to you, then you must only check mark the characteristics that apply to your liking. Do not select all when setting up your profile. It’s definitely going to cost you more time and money if you do. Now, if you’re able to reallylaser focus on qualities that you’re looking for in someone, then you’ll be a success for sure!

What’s Your Sign?

I know this sounds stupid, but you must share your astrological sign with your potential hook up partners. Doing so alone may get you laid. Women love astrology and you love tapping that ass. Sounds like a win/win to me.

Leave Negativity Out of It

You must not be a negative nelly if you want to be successful at online dating. Meeting an uber horny girl and starting a negative conversation is a surefire way to end your chances of hooking up. No one and I mean no one wants to hang around with a negative person. They suck. So don’t be negative!

Show Location Spirit

Telling everyone you love your location or city is always an uplifter. Most people have pride and they really love their local town or city. You must make it seem like you really love your city or town because this is where you’re going to meet and have sex. Or at least you’ll be doing so very close to your location, if not your bedroom. If you live somewhat close or nearby a dating prospect and want to get laid in a major city, then your best bet is to so some city pride!

Now, you must to all of the above if you want to become a pro at online dating. Oh, and once you do, you’ll be saying…

fuck you internet