Keep Your Sex Life Kinky With These Tips


If you are suffering from the age old problem of losing the spark in your sex life; the best way to get that spark back is getting a little kinky to your love making. I personally don’t care if your dating randoms using some horny hookup service or if you have a steady girlfriend. The tips apply regardless of your situation.

It’s natural for a relationship to be exciting and full of steamy and hot sex in the beginning. It’s also natural for both partners to settle and get comfortable to a point. In fact, sometimes it becomes boring as fuck and even sexless. The sex can become less than electric over time.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to bring back that electricity that you felt in the beginning. It could only take some small tweaks to bring it back. The first thing you have to realize is that it’s not impossible and it does not have to be a chore.

get kinky with these tips

Nine Kinky Tips To Spark Your Sex Life

Here are some simple tips to add some much needed kinkiness to your sex life and help revitalize it:

New positions – There are so many kinky positions to fuck someone in. Try some different sex positions that you aren’t used to. If you can’t think of any or don’t feel comfortable experimenting on your own; there are plenty of books and websites on the subject to help you discover pleasures you may not have known were possible.

Water fun time – Take a shower or bath together in which you both wash each other’s bodies. Go slow at first and don’t think about it actually leading to sex just yet. Just enjoy each other’s bodies with water, soap and lots of touching and let the arousal happen naturally. The aroma is nice and candles are a great addition as well.

Sex toys – Sex toys are super kinky. Try some sex toys like cock rings, dildos or vibrators. Just be sure not to overdo it and end up relying on them for sexual gratification. Find a sex toy that initiates arousal in one or both of you and use it to turn each other on without relying on it to start and finish sex every time.

Webcam fun – If you’re feeling really adventurous; get intimate with each other on webcam and allow others online to watch. There are plenty of free cam sites that allow you to post videos or live feeds of you and your partner enjoying each other sexually in any manner you feel comfortable with.

Rough sex fun – Make things kinky by getting more intense and rough. By getting a little rougher than you usually do, you will have more fun. Whomever is most comfortable being the dominant one; take your partner and demand sexual satisfaction. This can involve kissing them or groping them harder than before, forcing them down on the bed and taking them or switching positions in a demanding way and push for deeper penetration.

Sex in new places – Try having sex in strange places where you might get caught like in the ocean, in your car in a parking lot or parked in a beautiful location, or just have sex in a hotel room with the curtains wide open. Maybe even the door.

Nude pics – Take nude photos or videos of each other and comment on the sexiness of your partner while you are taking said photos or videos.

Night out – Take a trip or go on a night on the town with another couple. Don’t be afraid to grope each other and make out when you go out. This will help add some excitement to your intimacy and may also help the other couple feel a little spark as well.

Hot movies – Rent a pornographic movie with actors and actresses that you both find attractive. Watch it together and get intimate when the mood strikes you. Leave it on in the background and let the sex sounds add arousal to your love making.

I gotta be honest and say that tif you can’t do anything of these things in order to make your sex life kinky, then you outta think about dating new girls or at a minimum, using a new site. I suggest trying out Uberhorny or some other fuck site that’s going to help you better connect with hot girls.