Ways To Romance Your Way Into Getting Laid


If you want to get laid, sometimes you have to pull out the romance card and see where it takes you. It’s quite possible that many men neglect this type of stuff and they spend too much time doing things that aren’t going to improve their chances of hooking up. Some men tend to forget to be romantic after they have been in a relationship for a while or if they’re just looking to bang horny girls.

You don’t have to maintain the level of romance all the time, but you should do things that show that you care for someone, even if it’s just a physical affection of some sort. Here are a bunch of simple things you can do that will convince any girl that you like them. Remember, doing romantic things can often get you laid. So play it, smart buddy!

Top Romance Tips

Simple Things To Help Romance Her and Get You Laid

Don’t worry, you won’t be considered a complete tool if you do these things. Trust me, girls like guys that put forth the effort and some of them only date guys that are willing and able to do so.

Cook for her – Find a recipe, follow it closely, and cook her a nice meal. This gets her back to your place which makes hooking up that much easier. Just don’t cook anything too spicy. She’ll be running to the bathroom for the rest of the evening.

Carry her – That’s right, I said to carry her, lol. You want to turn a girl on, then carry her in your arms. Your best bet is to carry her into your bedroom after a nice meal and bottle of wine.

A full body massage – Give her a nice, long massage with no sexual pretense will do it. Trust me, she’ll end up getting uber horny if you do.

Talk about your feelings – No, I’m not telling you to talk about how you want to creampie her, lol. But seriously, opening up to her about your feelings is sure to melt her heart.

Offer to drive her somewhere – Take her somewhere, so she can enjoy doing something stress-free without having to deal with parking, traffic, and all that stuff. It gives you a chance to spend more time with her as well.

A grand romantic gesture – Take her on a Gondola ride or a carriage ride through the city. If this is the first hook up date then it might seem a bit awkward, but for a second or third date, it’s pretty much perfect!

Push her hair out of her face – This may seem like a small gesture, but it will melt her heart in a second. It shows that you want to see her beautiful face and the look on it when you feed her compliments.

Physical contact when you speak – Touch her hand or arm during conversations. Making physical contact is super important and it definitely helps you hookup more. Every time I have initiated some type of physical contact, it’s been proven to work quite well for me.

Send her sweet texts unexpectedly – Send her a heartfelt text without warning, just to show you’re thinking about her.

Don’t cut phone conversation short – If she’s in the mood to talk, talk. Long, late night phone conversations will strengthen your bond.

Dancing is always romantic and arousing – Dance with her when you have the opportunity. Whether it be at a club, restaurant, bar, concert or whatever.

Take notice of changes in her appearance – Take notice if she styled her hair differently or bought a new outfit. Girls love it when you notice the small things about them. It shows that you’ve got an interest in them and that you pay attention to things.

Discuss all the places you both want to go – Talk about the places both of you want to go and start making the effort to visit them one at a time.

Take her to a place she wants to go – Take her back to a spot significant to your history together.

Ask about her day (and listen to the answer) – Show interest in what she did that day and show that you are invested in her answer.

Remember and acknowledge things she likes – Be sure to pay attention to what makes her happy and show her that you know what that is.

Sure, some of these things sound so damn corny, but I can almost guarantee that many of them will help you get laid. Showing that you’re in tune and have romance down to a science can often prove to work quite well for you.