Dating Ad Goes Viral On The Web


First off, I should probably mention that this 9 out of 10 times is not a good way to try and attract so I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. But I had to share the dating ad with you, LOL.

dating ad goes viral

Dating Ad Goes Viral on the Internet

According to, an extremely funny dating ad revealed some details of what seems to be an argument between and man and a Spanish woman. The ad actually has over 700,000 views on one website alone. The creator of the ad posted starts off by saying, “To the sexy Spanish senorita on the No.30 bus.” and then goes further into it saying that he was “insensitive” to her country. Lastly, he offers the woman “tapas or paella or whatever.”

Now, some may not think this is very funny, but since I absolutely love Latina women I got a kick out of it. One point that I want to make clear is that this is not the approach I typically recommend. Since this advert has now gone viral like wildfire, it’s possible that the Latina woman saw the ad and maybe even gave him a chance. Heck, he may have gotten laid all due to this ad. However, that’s not what I recommend you do.

Instead of taking out ridiculously ambiguous ads, I recommend you stick to the proven formula, which means just create an account on a casual dating site and make sure you’re online profile is attractive. Dating profiles are your shot at proving to the world what you have to offer. While a crazy ad sounds really catchy and can even have the chance of going viral, it’s highly unlikely that one will do the same for you. Now that I’m talking dating profiles, I can confidently say that I’ve literally gotten laid dozens of times just because I had an interesting enough profile to make others want to contact me. How do I know this is why they contacted me? Simple, they mentioned it being one of the reasons why they did. With casual dating now more popular than ever, I’m pretty certain if you put some extra effort into creating or updating your profile, you’ll be able to find someone that wants to have sex with you.