What Do Women Want…Things Women Want But Don’t Say!


I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I when initially writing this post, I didn’t answer the question well enough that many people ask me. You know, they standard “What do women want?” question that is thrown around all the time. That said, I’ve decided to update this blog post and provide even more value to you than I already have below. If you’re struggling to determine what women want in bed or even in general from a dating perspective, then I strongly suggest you read this updated blog post.

If you’re using an online dating site, then there’s a chance that you’ve come across women that may seem to be a bit reserved. It’s not uncommon for women to want something but just keep their thoughts to themselves. I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned from dating many women over the years. No one should take offense to this post. I’m not saying that all women want these things. I’m just saying that some I know for a fact do, but they just prefer not to say it.

what do women want

Top Ten List: What Do Women Want (But Often Don’t Tell You)

Here are a few things that women most often want but don’t want to say it.

They Want To Act Slutty
This is a shocker I know, but women love to act slutty. They want to have “spur of the moment” non-planned sex with people and they want to act wild. Why? Well, they love to feel young and free and this behavior allows them to do so. However, you’re not going to hear most women say that they want to act like a slut for a night, especially to a guy they meet on a dating site. Maybe some of them will but not most. Even if it’s a hookup site.

You To Sext Them
Most women aren’t going to say to you that they want you to sext them. The reason most won’t say it is because they fear they are going to be rejected or laughed at if the guy denies them that.

To Be Asked Out
They want to be asked out by guys but will never say that they want that. It’s a cat and mouse game that most women refuse to stop playing. If they show their cards and straight up tell you what they want, then it takes the fun out of it.

To Be Told They Are Hot
Unless a woman is really pissed off or is totally straight forward, she’s not going to come out and tell you to say that she’s hot. You may find some hint in her dating profile but that’s about it. Don’t be afraid to tell a girl that she’s hot.

Be Told That You Like Being With Them
Women love hearing guys tell them that they like spending time with them. So long as you’re saying it in a nice way and not an overpowering manner. Coming on strong can reduce your chances of getting laid in a big way. However, they love being told that you like being with them or that they are fun to hang out with. Just don’t sound like too much of a pussy here or it will turn her off. Remember, you’re not using eHarmony to get married. You’re using Uberhorny to get laid!

They Want Excitement
What do women want more than sex in the bedroom? They want adventure and lots of it! Most women are very timid when it comes to being wild or adventurous. They often hold back in an attempt to not look too wild. They do this because they want men to think they are sweet and kind but deep down they are fucking wild! I promise that most women want a guy that’s willing to show them a wild ride in and out of the bedroom.

They Want Rough Sex
Show me a woman that hates rough sex and I’ll convince her otherwise! What do women want more than typically slow love-making? They want to get their pussies pounded hard as fuck! I’m talking sweat dripping, grabbing, tossing, downright rough as fuck sex. Any woman that says she doesn’t enjoy it or hasn’t enjoyed it obviously isn’t living life to the fullest. Either that or she’s lying to you!

Well, when someone asks you the infamous question, “What do women want” you can now sit them down at the bar and tell them a few things. In fact, brag that you know things that women want but don’t say. I also suggest you spend time working on talking to some girls and giving one or two of them what they want!