Are You Dating A Crazy Girl? Find Out Now!


Sure, crazy girls are awesome in bed and some of them can suck the chrome off a lead pipe, but is it really worth it? I’ve been studying crazy girls for months now and I think I have some information that you’ll want to hear! They’re harder to spot than you think…

You might think that spotting a crazy girl is easy because you have seen many of them, but it’s a different story when you are dating one. She might hide her “crazy” well or you won’t be as likely to notice it if you’re too busy trying to get in her pants all the time. If you don’t notice the crazy before she becomes attached, you are asking for drama. Trust me, that is not a good thing for either one of you. Good news for you is that I’m here to help today. I’m giving it my all to share whatever information I can with you about this crazy topic, pun intended.

How To Spot A Crazy Girl

Signs You’re Dating A Crazy Girl (And Need To Run Like Hell)

Here is a list of 8 major signs that you are dating a crazy girl. This list isn’t funny, so take it seriously. After all, I’m trying to help you improve your dating life, so pay close attention!

She Becomes Overly Emotional (Very Easily) – If she gets overly emotional about every little thing, you should start looking for other signs because she might be crazy.

She Never Finishes Anything – If she is crazy, she will have a hard time keeping her mind on any one thing for a long period of time and she will leave multiple projects unfinished.

The Girl Is Very Animated and Talkative – This isn’t necessarily a surefire sign of insanity, but if she is very social on top of showing a few of these other signs, she’s probably crazy.

Lots of Highs and Lows – This sign often accompanies the third sign. She is very happy and talkative one minute then brooding and quiet the next. She’s a powder keg waiting to blow.

Always Wrapped Up In Drama or Gossip – Every time you turn around, she’s upset about what someone has done or said to her and it often sounds like she is creating the drama for herself and freaking out over little things. Stay away from the drama as it takes years off of your life, I promise you that!

Lots of Followers vs Friends – There are some people who gravitate to crazy people because of their ability to be social and overly happy. These people will have a fascination with her and the way she acts rather than having a true connection.

Always New Friends – She is always starting drama with her friends because of her unstable mind. As a result, she is usually hanging out with someone new who doesn’t realize she’s crazy or hasn’t pissed her off yet.

Lots Of “Do” Talk But Zero Action – She will go on and on about what she plans to do with her life, but she will never make a move to actually do any of the things that she talks about or even start them.

Look, if you want to avoid crazy girls, then you’ve got to ask the right questions from day one!