Guess What…Women Love Chest Hair (All The Reasons Why)


I typically write blog posts on places to go to find women, health & fitness, and even top notch casual dating tips. Today I’m doing something different. I’ll be sharing what I know about chest hair. Lol, yes you heard that right. As a man, it’s hard for many to figure out why many women love chest hair. There are some females out there that absolutely love it to no end!

Most guys prefer to be shaved and smooth, so it’s hard for us to understand why a woman would want to run her fingers tangled up in a bunch of man fur. I know, it sounds so damn creepy but let me finish first. There are quite a few things that women like about chest hair. I’m going to do my best to share the reasons why. Full disclosure, I got the scoop from one of my female friends, which is why I’m sharing it with you. If you think I’m a chest hair guru, then think again!

ladies love chest hair

Reasons Why Women Love Chest Hair So Much

Here are the main reasons why hairy men should feel fortunate to have it. I’ll keep this short and succinct as possible so that I can best cover all the main reasons. Let me kick things off by saying that chest hair has been a sign of masculinity for centuries. No bulls*** here, it’s 100% true and that’s the way that most women have felt for decades. Did you know that both sexes have a natural body scent that attracts a partner? Chest hair traps that scent and holds that smell that the ladies can’t resist. I bet you now wish you have chest hair if you don’t!

Let’s talk looking big now…This is a bit of a funny reason, but you’ll understand if you know that women like big muscles. If you don’t have the most developed muscles in your chest, hair can make you look bigger. I should also mention that many women prefer hair over a shaved or waxed chest. If you remove any hair, it should be from your back.

Now, there may come a time where you will decide to shave your chest hair. If you do decide to shave your chest, it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it from getting itchy, patchy, or stubbly. If you wax, you are in for a lot of pain that you might not be prepared for.

Many Hollywood heartthrobs have a full, hairy chest that makes women swoon. Even women who don’t normally like hair, suddenly love it when they see it on someone like Tom Selleck, Sean Connery, Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Common, and many others.

Believe it or not, women love when they see a bit of hair popping out of the top of your shirt. It doesn’t have quite the impact of cleavage, but it’s closer than you think. Again, you don’t need to believe me, just trust me on this. If you decide to talk to some ladies online, be sure to show off your hair because it’ll turn them on big time!

If you’re all about playing games then this fact may serve well for you. You need to know that many women love following that treasure trail all the way down to where it leads and you’ll be ready to go by the time she gets there.

If you’re one of the many 50 Shades of Gray fan, then you’ll appreciate hearing this. Feeling a woman tugging on your chest hair during sex might be more satisfying than you realize. If she’s a little too rough, then it might be painful but nothing that you can’t handle.

Did you know that most men sporting hair on their chest do not concern themselves with what other people think. That holds true especially when it comes to his chest hair and that type of self-assuredness is very attractive to most women. It makes some women extremely horny!

guy showing his chest hair

See, you don’t have to be ashamed of your chest hair. Be proud of it. Your man fur, and the way you own it is attractive to a lot of women. A shaved chest might be more common these days, but there are still a lot of women out there who want to cuddle up to a furry chested man. Just remember. The allure of chest hair doesn’t always apply to the back. Get rid of all that back hair always.  It won’t do you any good unless you find some girl with a back hair fetish, lol.