Instagram Dating Rules You Must Follow


Believe it or not, there are rules to dating especially when you’re doing it on Instagram. This whole Instagram Live has sparked a new rage of connecting to hook up and people are doing it all wrong. For starters, what I can tell you is so many people are getting banned left and right using this social platform as a dating service. They don’t realize just how awful it really is in comparison to services like the one I prefer.

That said, sometimes you just can’t change the stripes on a zebra. Which is one of the main reasons why I’m giving you some pointers here if you’re truly down to meet, mingle, and maybe bang on Instagram.

instagram sex rules

Rules For Casually Dating Girls On Instagram

These are non-negotiable rules if you want to succeed and be successful with Internet dating. It’s not common for people to excel and succeed on IG when it comes to sex but if you take my advice and follow these rules, you’ll be far better off if you do.

Stay Within 100 Miles

The first thing you want to do is stop wasting your time reaching out to people not within 100 miles of you. In fact, I’d like to tighten that radius up a bit and say 50 miles MAX. Why? Because you want to connect with people willing to meet up with you. No one is driving three hours just to bang.

Focus On Interests

If you’re smart, you’ll focus on girls that have similar interests to yours. That way you have something in common that connects you with one another. I like to focus on girls that like outdoor activities like hiking and biking. I’m a granola at heart so it makes it easier to connect if we share the same interests.

Never Compliment On Looks Publically

If you want to lose them faster than ever before, then compliment them in public on their looks. This will be the first and last chance you get if you do that. Girls want guys like us to put forth more of an effort. Commenting on how someone looks or their short dress or heels isn’t going to help you get laid.

Don’t Creep On Every Post

Creeps get banned, simple as that. So if you think you’re being kind of creepy, then chances are that you most definitely are doing just that and then some. Don’t cross the line because creepsters get banned and that’s how that goes!

Never Send Dick Pics

This is an uber important rule. You must NEVER and I repeat NEVER send a dick pic via Instagram. If you do, I can promise you that you’ll end up getting banned. They have moderators that manage photos and look out for these types of things. So do yourself a favor and stay far away from those shots.

Start A DM

You need to casually send a direct message to the girl you want to hook up with. Let them know how you come in contact with them, what you like about them and why you think the two of you should meet up. If you do this right and she’s into it, then you’ll end up having a nice conversation and eventually meet up.

Be Prepared For Failure

It doesn’t always go according to plan. What I mean by that is you’ve got to be prepared for failure. If you’re not, then you’re going to find yourself losing confidence very quickly. When girls diss you or pass up on things, you move on.

Show Confidence And Wealth

Being confident and appearing wealthy is a turn on to women. No one wants to date a poor loser with low self-esteem and zero confidence. Don’t even think about doing that because it’s not going to help.

Those are my main rules for dating on Instagram. If you were smart, you’d spend less time using this social network and more time on a site that’s dedicated to hooking people up just for sex. I suggest trying this before anything else.