Quickly Determine If A Woman Wants To Bang


I’m sure it goes without saying that you’d like to be able to determine whether or not a woman is interested in banging as quickly as possible. If you use an online dating site to hook up, you want to find women who will give it up as fast as possible so you can quickly move on to the next one. Nothing wrong with that at all. If you are a single man like myself, then you want to hook up with as many women as possible before you settle down. If you are a married man looking to cheat, you want to hook up with a woman as fast as possible because you don’t have the time or desire for romance.

Simple Signs She Wants To Bang

Now, if you are a married man looking to cheat, you want to hook up with a woman as fast as possible because you don’t have the time or desire for romance.  No matter what your reason is for finding sex quickly, you need to be able to pick up on it asap. One of the most important parts of knowing when a woman wants to have sex is knowing when to recognize that she’s not interested. Here are some definite signs that she does not want to have sex with you, followed by signs that she does.

I know, I sound like a complete pessimist today but it’s important to know what to look for so that you can optimize your time wisely.

Determining If A Woman Wants To Bang You (The Quickest Way Possible)

These are all ways that you can quickly determine if a woman wants to bang you tonight. Please be sure to pay close attention to each as they’re all signs to be on the lookout for. Sometimes those signs are ones that will help you make better decisions in the long run.

She definitely does NOT want to have sex with you if…. 

She doesn’t bother to compliment you or encourage you. Most women that wanna bang give compliments. If you’re not getting any then move on fast.

She says that she doesn’t want to meet anyone in person until she has had a chance to become familiar with them online first. This one is total bullshit if you ask me. I get it, we all want to get to know each other, but enough is enough.

She doesn’t bother to ask when you are free. Nor does make the effort to tell you when she is free either. This is a tell tale sign that this girl is on the hunt for other D and not yours.

She cares more about finding out personal details about you than she does flirting with you. I can’t stand this about some women. They just want to gossip when all I want to do is get in them guts! LOL

She plays hard to get and will not give you her number. If it’s that tough then you need to move on. Hit the next button fast or swipe left.

Her flirting never escalates and she doesn’t respond well to you flirting with her. If a girl isn’t flirting

Every time you mention meeting her in person, she changes the subject. When someone wants to bang, they’ll do just about anything necessary to make that happen. When they won’t even meet you in person, then you need to be sketched out by that for sure.

She definitely wants to have sex right away if…

She is constantly complimenting and encouraging you to flirt. This doesn’t have to be direct but even indirectly you should “make note” of it.

She starts mentioning things that she wants to do when you get together as if it’s already a given. That tells me that you’re on the right path to pound town success.

She asks you what your plans are for the weekend and makes it a point to let you know that she does not have any plans. Most girls have plans and they have them lined up weeks in advance. When a girl acts as if she has no plans, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to make a move.

She doesn’t ask a whole lot of personal questions. She seems more interested in having fun and flirting with you. I love this about girls. They’ll act happy go lucky without knowing anything personal about you. They may not even care if you have a wife or girlfriend, that’s how bad they wanna bang you.

She gladly gives you her phone number as if she was waiting for you to ask for it. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s DTF but it’s a good sign that she is somewhat into you.

She flirts with you a lot and she will sometimes go a little overboard and get giggly. She responds extremely well anytime you flirt with her as well A great sign that you’re on your way to hooking up with her.

Okay, so although some of those may seem pretty like they’re common sense, they matter and you must take not of them. I’ve had more luck taking action at the right time and knowing when to fold my cards than anything else. You will too, trust me on that.