Why I Avoid Meeting Facebook Girls (With No Exceptions)


I’ve been using Fbook for literally as long as I can remember. Facebook is something that everyone has and it seems like a no-brainer. You should be able to search your area, send a friend request to every hot girl you see, nd hook up with one or more of them. It is possible, but it’s also easier said than done. I’ve been avoiding meeting Facebook girls for years and I’m going to tell you exactly why I avoid them like the plague.

Facebook Girls

Facebook Girls And Why I Shy Away From Connecting With Them

If girls on Facebook are looking for a date, they will go to a dating site or a bar. They aren’t going to be interested in some random guy who sends them a friend request on social media. That is unless, of course, you are gorgeous. If you are an “Adonis” who is popular with the ladies, you will have no problem hooking up with girls on Facebook.

The question is, if you are an attractive guy who is desired by women, why would you pick up women on social media? That’s right, you wouldn’t. Instead, you’d spend time socializing locally with smoking hot women in person trying to take them back to your house.

Sure, your social media can be just like a dating site, but it’s crucial that you have an amazing profile picture that ladies can’t deny. You can lose some weight, consistently exercise, buy some new clothes that are fashionable, and get your pictures professionally shot. The thing is…you can do all those things to better yourself and get more dates just about anywhere you go. You would no longer have to confine your exploits to Facebook. Not to mention, many of the Fbook girls are just tire kickers not actually looking to get laid by some random dude.

You could join pretty much any dating or hookup site and find many women in no time. You could even go out to the bar and have better luck. The point is; anything that you would need to do to hook up successfully on social media, you can do somewhere else and get better results.

Facebook is too much like high school. You have to spend too much time trying to maintain your popularity. Even if you become popular, there are not that many opportunities to turn that popularity into dates. Most of the women are not expecting to hook up with anyone. They come to check their news feed and click on a few of their friend’s pictures and leave. They brag about stupid shit and post pics of their dogs and that’s it. There are far too many other things distracting them and the last thing on their mind is going to be some random guy who contacted them via messenger.

I should also mention that you are also competing with every other creep who stalks Facebook girls. There are creepers looking to friend request every hot girl they can find and yes, they’re your competition. You categorize yourself in with those guys and she will think that you are just another one of the douchebags. At least on an adult dating site, everyone’s looking for a date. Therefore, the women won’t assume that you are a creep.