First Date Questions For Casual Dating


First Dates can be nerve racking. Even those that are purely hookup related with primary intentions of getting laid and moving on. People get the jitters regardless of the purpose of meeting someone new. First impressions mean a lot these days and if you’re not prepared to ask the right questions you may or may not regret it. There’s no magic formula to the proper way to approach your date.

Whether you’re on an average weekend date hookup on a Saturday night or a last minute meet up on a Tuesday night. The same principles apply. If I had all the answers, so would you. What I can share is a list of some of the most important questions that you should ask your date if you want to get laid.

first date questions

First Date Questions That Lead To Sex

I’ll get right into the questions and why you need to be asking them on each and every date at some point.

What do you do and what drives you? What’s your passion?

This is a good opener to start with because it shows that you’re truly interested in your dates well-being. Asking what their passion is and what makes them happy day to day can often make someone loosen up and feel more comfortable. You want your date to be loose and feel like you’re truly interested in them. This opener works 9 out of 10 times.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

If you don’t lead in with the question I first posted, this would be another close second option for you to go with. It’s also a way to find out if the person you are on this so-called sex date is wild or not. Knowing this can help determine whether or not you’re getting laid. If someone is boring and sleeps all day, they may not be that exciting enough to be worth spending a ton of money to try and bang. I’d suggest not going all out on the top shelf drinks if someone seems boring.

If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you’d buy? 

This question can help lead into the discussion of other topics that your casual sex date might like. I always recommend asking this and I always have my own answer prepared before asking. Here’s a secret for you, I try and cater my answers to those that I’m on a first date with. For example, if you’re out with a girl from Colombia or South America, then I’d recommend saying that you’d take the money and travel somewhere that she can relate to. It will make her horny if you take this approach. Trust me.

If you could have sex anywhere in the country where would you do it? 

Since this is a sex date, you’re going to be meeting horny people in you local area and you want to start spicing up the conversation and getting your sex partner thinking. I always ask this question and I answer it in the sexiest way possible that I have the most potential with actually making happen. I do this to try and give my date something to work towards. If your date thinks they can get you to remember them forever even if it’s a one-night-stand, they will love it. People love a good challenge.

Want to see my place? Have you been to the hotel bar down the street? 

If you want to get laid, you have to set yourself up for success. This is how you do it. Get your date closer to a location where you think you can get laid. It’s really as simple as that! I always ask this question after we’ve both had a few drinks and are very loose. If you want to bang your date then give them the hint that you want to have sex. It’s that easy. They are uber horny and ready to bang. You just need to make it happen.

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