What Text Messages Mean (Everything You Must Know)


We all get text messages, but when you get one and don’t know what it means, that’s when you’re in big trouble. Almost everyone in modern society has a mobile phone that keeps them connected with family and friends, but we surprisingly don’t make calls as our main form of communication. Lots of people simply prefer to text others. Some like to send dirty texts while others like to send nude photos even!

Sorry to get excited there, but this can be convenient when contacting someone who is not available. You can just send them a text and they get back to you when they are free. The problem with texts is that they are often misunderstood. Most often, it’s because you can’t see someone’s facial expressions and the nuances of conversation.

What Text Messages Mean From Girls

Some are well aware of the ambiguity of text and use it to be cryptic so they won’t have to come out and say what they really mean. This may come as a shocker but guess what, girls do this A LOT. They give short responses, and you are left wondering what the true meaning is. Well, wonder no more. I have put together a series of texts you might see from a girl and I will tell you what each one really means.

Text Messages And What They Really Mean In Context

Here are some of the simple text messages that you likely get from women over the course of the day or week. Take note, because not knowing them can really screw things up, including your dating life and hookup chances.

“I’ll be there soon. I hit some traffic.” – This probably means that she’s still in front of the mirror fixing her make-up and hair. She’s probably half way through her third hairstyle. Hopefully, you’re waiting at a restaurant that has a bar. Get a drink at the bar and nurse it. Soon means at least 45 minutes.

“Are you awake?” – This is almost always a good sign and you should prepare for some steamy late night sex. Worst case scenario; she wants to talk to you about her problems. Either way, it could turn into a sexual situation if you play your cards right.

She sends a selfie – If she only sends you a picture of herself, that’s a good sign. It means she wants to get your attention and she wants you to think about her. The sexier the selfie, the more likely you are to be on the right track. Make sure it’s not fake before replying. Send her one back, just don’t out-sexy her.

Suggestive emojis – This can be good or bad. She could just be goofing around or this could possibly be a sign of immaturity and this is the only way she can express her sexuality.

“Hi” – This is particularly annoying whether it’s her opening message or a response. At best, it’s not a very interesting text. If it’s a response to your text; she’s showing a clear lack of interest.

“????” – Unless you’re deliberately trying to ignore her; this text means that she’s impatient. If this text is a direct follow-up to one she just sent 5 minutes ago, it’s a sign that she’s not very mature or self-assured.

“Who is she?” – This text is not good, no matter how you look at it. If you’ve been a bad boy, this means you’re caught. If you’re with a girl that’s neurotic and jealous, this means that she’s been stalking your social media and she’s mad because you hit on a female friend’s photo. Never a good situation and thankfully only one that you need to deal with if you’re in a serious relationship. This problem rarely happens on Uberhorny.com.

No response – There is always a possibility that no response is a very bad sign. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Give her a few minutes. She might legitimately be away from her phone.